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Localize Your Software…Be Everywhere

Software is created to be accessed by all users.  If you are still restricting your market share to the boundaries of language and culture in a digital world, you are missing out on golden business opportunities. With innovations and top-notch technologies introduced to the market every day, localizing your software helps you keep pace with the fast-paced software industry.

Moreover, if you are willing to be an international player, localization is a crucial step to prove that your software can reach your potential users wherever they are and regardless of their native language, dramatically boosting your credibility and increasing your users’ satisfaction and loyalty.

What Is In It For You?

According to a survey by Common Sense Advisory, 1 out of 6 business buyers will not purchase a software if it is not localized. This is yet another proof that users prefer software that speaks their language.

dbGroup offers top-quality software localization services for all MENA languages such as Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, and Persian catering to a wide range of industries like E-commerce, life science, and engineering.


Software Localization Made Simple

Software localization involves much more than just translating words. It entails the collaborative efforts of linguists, localization engineers, DTP specialists, and project managers.

The software localization process is complex with many technical and linguistic pitfalls starting from adapting the user interface (UI), dealing with text expansion/contraction (Arabic expands 25% while Hebrew contracts 20%-30%  when translated from English), handling hard coding strings and concatenated strings to customizing content to the target locale’s cultural nuances.

Only an experienced language service provider can lift the burden of these complexities off your shoulders. Relying on dbGroup’s software localization services, our clients feel like software localization has never been easier.

Our technology-driven approach to software localization is underpinned by investing in cutting-edge terminology management software and CAT tools. We apply industry’s best practices like using Unicode. Our veteran localization engineers have handled a wide variety of projects and have the skills and experience required to overcome the technical challenges accompanying software localization.

Our in-country, native-speaking linguists bring substantial subject-matter expertise and deep cultural awareness to the content translation, delivering culturally relevant, accurate, and natural translations.

What Is In It For You?

By entrusting dbGroup with your software localization services, you get a headache-free service. We pinpoint all technical and linguistic challenges and come up with the best-fitting solutions. Focus on your core services and let our experience drive your software home to its target locale.

Quick Access to the MENA Market

With the Middle East & Africa application software market expected to grow to $1.36 billion in 2019, at a CAGR of 11.76%, the MENA market, software developers are turning their attention to the fast-growing MENA market.

dbGroup provides software developers a shortcut to the MENA market. We offer sim-ship (simultaneous shipping) localization services that allow you to release your software in multiple languages to your target markets at the same time, significantly increasing revenues.

Sim-ship software localization comes with its own package of challenges: usually linguists have to work on incomplete content; this lack of context makes translation more like putting puzzle pieces together without knowing the full picture.

Our project managers work closely with you to get as many comments as possible providing better understanding of the context. Our robust quality assurance process is stringently adhered to, making sure your message is accurately conveyed, your software is perfectly functional in the target language(s), and all elements are culturally adapted including graphics, icons, graphs, images, dates, and currencies.

What Is In It For You?

Take advantage of the novel technologies allowing you to sim-ship your software to multiple markets while resting assured that quality is not jeopardized.  We aim at providing your users in different locales the same experience they have using the original software through rigorously testing your localized software, making sure it is error-free.

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