So You Think You Can Translate to Dari?

Dari is one of the two official languages in Afghanistan, along with Pashto. Dari is the standard language in Afghanistan used in administration, government, radio, television, and print media. It is also the medium of instruction in Afghan schools.

With almost half of the Afghan population speaking Dari as their native language and 2.5 million Dari speakers in Pakistan, the total number of Dari speakers is about 12.5 million.

The economy of Afghanistan has recently witnessed significant developments thanks to the infusion of billions of dollars in international assistance and remittances from Afghan expatriates. With the unique geological structure in Afghanistan, surveys prove that Afghanistan is one of the richest mining resources in the world, holding over $1 trillion in proven untapped mineral deposits.

With a wealth of natural resources including natural gas, petroleum, coal, marble, gold, copper, and many rare earth elements and the flourishing trade between Afghanistan and many countries, especially the US, reaching up to approximately $500 million per year,  the demand for quality Dari translation and localization services is growing at a fast pace.

dbGroup offers a comprehensive set of translation and localization services relying on a network of highly qualified Dari-native-speaking linguists. We translate from Arabic, English, and German to Dari, guaranteeing impeccable quality and short turnarounds at affordable rates. Our Dari translation & localization services expands to reach almost all industries such as Oil & Gas, IT & Telecom, and Life Sciences.

Have you had hard time trying to find a reliable Dari language service provider? Did you entrust a language service provider with your Dari language needs and the deliverables weren’t up to standard? Do you need Dari technical translation and have concerns that the translations might be confusing and awkward and don’t deliver your message?

These headaches end here!

We understand that Dari translations can be tricky and there aren’t many Dari-native-speaking linguists with the right qualifications and subject-matter expertise. However, dbGroup has been talent hunting for 23 years of experience, and by now we have a wide network of veteran linguists ready to work on any Dari translation/localization project, delivering the best quality that your target audience deserves.

How We Stand Out?

Though Dari and Farsi languages can be similar since both trace their routes to a common Indo-European branch, they are not the same with different grammar and terminology.

Many language service providers assign your Dari translation/localization project to Farsi native speakers. Don’t fall into this trap! No two languages are ever the same no matter how similar they can be. Although translations might be correct, they will inevitably be unnatural.

At dbGroup, we always hire in-country native-speaking linguists. You can rest assured that your Dari translations are handled only by Dari-native-speaking linguists with relevant subject-matter expertise.


We understand the legislative frame of the Afghan market: for instance, in accordance with Afghanistan import regulations, translations to either Dari or Pashto is mandatory. Violating this might lead to fines or product bans.

We are familiar with the Afghan market intricacies. If you are still confused whether you should translate to Dari or Pashto or both, we can help you out.


At dbGroup, we know your target Afghan audience and apply rigorous QA processes where only in-country Dari-native-speaking linguists review and proofread translations making sure your message is culturally adapted to the Afghan cultural nuances.

Dari is written with a version of the Perso-Arabic script. We implement industry’s best practices and utilize groundbreaking technology and CAT tools, as well as a custom-built Translation Memory, overcoming all technical difficulties and cutting down on costs. We have the resources and DTP tools that enable us to provide Dari translations in any format requested by our clients.


Join our list of valuable clients entrusting us with their Dari language needs. We are a one-stop shop providing all language services such as DTP, technical translations, marketing translation, website localization, and multimedia localization.