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Spread Your Word on a World Scale

Be it an article, a press release, or social media content, dbGroup helps you spread your message far beyond the borders of language and culture through accurate, culturally tailored translations delivered in timely manner at highly competitive rates.

The media industry is the most dynamic; with our automated workflow and passion for providing the best translation/localization services, we are no less dynamic.

There is nothing more damaging to a brand’s reputation than a translation that goes wrong; one mistranslated word can alter the meaning and put your credibility at stake.

If you don’t want your brand’s name written in blogs under the title of “Lost in Translation” or “Hilarious Translations that Went Wrong,” choose your translation partner wisely…Choose dbGroup.

dbGroup offers world-class media & press translations specializing in Middle-Eastern languages such as Farsi, Hebrew, Arabic, and Turkish. Our wide array of services cater to your industry’s every need; whether it is a newspaper or magazine website or a press release promoting for an important event, our clients rest assured that their message is accurately conveyed in the target language while being culturally customized to match the target audience’s  cultural nuances.

4 Reasons to Entrust dbGroup with your Media & Press Translation/Localization Project


In the Media & Press industry, creativity is not a plus…It is a requirement. At dbGroup, we understand that Media & Press content differs greatly in style: for instance, political commentary, an arts& culture article, and an Editorial can all be included in different sections in one newspaper; however, each has a distinct style and tone. Only a creative, veteran linguist with in-depth understanding of the Media & Press industry can recognize these subtle differences and deliver accurate translations in the target language while maintaining the right style, formality level, and tone; that is why at dbGroup, we hire only native speakers with vast knowledge of the media industry and extensive subject-matter expertise.

Cultural Customization

A blog or a Facebook post targeting audiences in the UK, for example, might seem confusing or hard to relate to when translated to Arabic, for instance to target Saudi Arabian audience; some concepts might sound foreign or even an image that is appealing to the UK audience can be offending for the Saudi Arabian audience. To make sure your media & press content resonates with your target audience’s cultural beliefs, at dbGroup we apply a rigorous quality assurance process where translations are scrutinized by in-country, native-speaking linguists, ensuring necessary cultural adaptations are implemented so that translations would sound natural as if they were originally written in the target language.


At dbGroup, we realize how crucial it is to assure absolute confidentiality in the world of media, so we apply extreme measures to guarantee the security of data. All our linguists and employees sign a Non-disclosure Agreement.


Swift Translations at Affordable Rates

In a fast-paced industry like Media, missing deadlines is not an option; at dbGroup, we are well-known for our absolute adherence to deadlines no matter the volume of the project.

Utilizing groundbreaking terminology software and translation tools, we guarantee fast turnarounds without compromising quality.

Media & Press involves unique terminology and jargon specific to each subject matter, ranging from politics and economy to beauty and cosmetics. With a wide talent pool of subject-matter experts armed with cutting-edge CAT tools and implementing a robust QA process, we ensure high quality and consistency even when more than one linguist work on large-volume projects.