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Start Your Global Engine with the Best Engineering Translation

If you are willing to expand your engineering products/services beyond your local market or to operate in a foreign market, you need a reliable, experienced localization partner that understands the nuances of the engineering industry.

Besides the language requirements set by exports/imports authorities that mostly necessitate having product labels and packaging translated professionally to the target locale’s language, in a fast-paced, highly competitive global market, expanding your clients’ base can be the only way to stay ahead of the competition and ensure your company’s stability. For example, safety data sheets (SDS) must comply with the language requirements set by ECHA if you are going to operate in any member of the European Union; also, the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the U.S. Department of Labor recently imposed regulations that mandates Safety Trainings to be conducted in trainees’ mother tongue.

Backed by a huge talent pool of native-speaking linguists and a team of professional project managers, dbGroup offers top-quality translation & localization services catering for all language requirements in the engineering field. We specialize in translating from German, English, and Arabic to Middle-Eastern languages like Dari, Pashto, Farsi, and Hebrew.

Our wide array of services meet all your needs; be it an operating manual, data sheet, or a patent, we have the linguists that master not only source & target languages but also engineering language. With an automated workflow, we seamlessly pick the translators whose experience and qualifications match your specific subject matter.

Engineering translators face a plethora of challenges, especially when translating to Middle-Eastern languages. Technical engineering terminology can be quite unfamiliar even to native speakers; moreover, many English or German engineering terms & expressions don’t have equivalents in Middle-Eastern languages. Another difficulty is that one term can have multiple meanings, so understanding context is crucial. Additionally, different target locales and target audiences must be taken into consideration even if they speak the same language. For instance, although Arabic is the language spoken in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, different dialects are spoken; while in Egypt technical terms tend to be transliterated like “Mobile” موبيل or “Computer” كمبيوتر, in Saudi Arabia technical terms are translated as “mobile” جوال and “Computer” حاسوب.

Linguistic challenges aside, many technical hurdles have to be overcome while translating from a Left-to-Right (LTR) language like English and German to a Right-to-Left (RTL) language such as Arabic and Farsi where changing the direction of not only text but also images, charts, and graphs can be an arduous task.




Why dbGroup for Engineering Translation?

  • All Formats, All Subject Matters

We understand that engineering includes a lot of different fields. Although a linguist with experience in, for example, civil engineering might have general knowledge about mechanical engineering, only a linguist with in-depth knowledge and expertise in the specific intricacies of the subject matter can fully grasp the source text and deliver concise, clear translations in the target language. That’s why at dbGroup we make sure only a subject-matter expert works on your engineering translation/localization project.

Thanks to our team of skillful graphic designers, localization engineers, and DTP specialists collaborating with our wide network of native-speaking linguists, we can undertake any engineering translation/localization project no matter what format or file type required.

Here are some of the types of material and services we work on:

  • CAD Drawings
  • E-learning
  • Safety Manuals
  • Installation Manuals
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Product labels and packaging
  • Marketing material


  • Engineering Translation by Tech-Savvy Engineers

We invest heavily in technology. Through utilizing cutting-edge terminology management software and customized Translation Memory, we ensure delivering translations in a timely fashion while cutting down on costs. Our top-notch CAT and DTP tools enable us to overcome the common technical pitfalls of working on language pairs written in different directions: that is, (RTL) and (LTR), in addition to text expansion or shrinkage, guaranteeing high-quality translations that precisely convey your message and a layout that looks appealing.


  • Concise, Clear, Consistent

Engineering material are usually required to be as concise as possible; lengthy, complicated sentences can lead to ambiguity, which might result in dire consequences, especially when dealing with, for instance, Instructions Manuals and Safety Manuals, where one confusing sentence can lead to life-threatening mistakes. In addition, a team of linguists usually works on large-volume projects; each linguist might have his own style which can lead to inconsistencies.

At dbGroup, our linguists stick to updated glossaries and style guides to ensure consistency even when dealing with large-volume projects. In adherence to our robust Quality Assurance process, all translations are then edited and proofread by native speakers of the target language who have extensive subject-matter expertise, scrupulously checking for any inconsistencies or ambiguous terms, guaranteeing concise, clear, and consistent translations.