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Why Us?

We Help You Unlock the MENA Market

Headquartered at the business hub of the MENA market, Dubai, UAE, with an operations office at the heart of MENA, Cairo, Egypt, dbGroup has been offering world-class translation & localization services for over 23 years, specializing in translating between MENA languages (Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Hebrew, etc.), English, and German.

Our wide experience and huge team of handpicked in-country

native-speaking linguists enable us to provide accurate, natural translations that go far beyond swapping one word with another: we deliver culturally adapted translations where the subtlest cultural differences are recognized and tailored to fit your target audience’s societal and cultural norms, guaranteeing translations that have a local look and feel.

We Are Language Geeks

We hire linguists who not only have experience, language qualifications, and relevant subject-matter expertise, but also love what they are doing and believe that translation is a means of communication, without which global understanding would have never been possible. Our linguists are language geeks that dream about the best synonym to use and think about how to culturally tailor idioms while having their morning coffee.
Our linguists pass through rigorous screening before joining our network, making sure they have the right skills and industry expertise and have the passion, integrity, and commitment that resonate with our corporate culture.

We Drive Your Words Home at Maximum Speed

The global market is becoming too competitive and fast-paced. An hour delay can prove to be costly and result in missing out business opportunities. We understand that fast turnarounds are vital for your business to thrive, and we are committed to delivering our language services in a timely fashion. Once a project is approved, missing a deadline is NEVER an option.
We start by a kick-off meeting where our skillful project managers work on completely understanding the goals and expected outcomes of your translation/localization project, avoiding any costly delays due to miscommunication. Utilizing groundbreaking technologies and translation tools, we drive your message to your target locale at maximum speed.

Cultural Diversity

We Bring about Unity to Cultural Diversity

We value and embrace cultural diversity; our team includes employees from different countries and cultural backgrounds; we believe these very same cultural diversities is what makes us stand out in knowing how to melt away cultural differences through providing top-quality translation and localization services that would eliminate the gap in global communication.  We owe our better decision making, higher creativity, and innovation to our multicultural approach.

We Do It All

Our comprehensive set of language services cater for all your translation & localization needs

If you are launching a product in a new market and you need to translate and localize your marketing material, website, application, and instructions manual, dB Group is your one-stop shop. We save you the time and effort of communicating and following up with more than one language service provider. With automated, streamlined workflow and 23 years of experience, we can undertake large-volume projects, while delivering the same high quality across all services

Just send us your questions and we will give you the help you need.


Technology Is Our Best Friend

In a digital world, technology is the catalyst in any business success formula. To stay ahead of the game, we invest in cutting-edge technologies, translation & DTP tools, and terminology software, guaranteeing unrivalled quality, absolute consistency, and short turnarounds while cutting down on costs.

Customer Care

We Provide the “Care” in Customer Care

Reaching your language service provider to communicate your inquires and feedback whenever you want is no longer a hassle. We provide the “care” in customer care. We are 24/7 responsive with professional project managers dedicated to your project and acting as focal point of communication.