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About dbGroup

Dedicated to Bridging the Language Gap

dbGroup was founded in 1994 with a passion for helping businesses, big and small,
Reach out to their target audience in the global market 
through bridging the language gap.
Throughout more than 23 years, the global market has rapidly evolved and is constantly
Becoming more demanding.
We keep pace with the global market developments through
Extending our services to cater to all our clients’ language needs.

Large Volume and Little Time? No Problem

Throughout more than 23 years of experience, we have built a wide network of highly qualified, talented native-speaking linguists who have extensive expertise in a huge variety of subject matters. Our dedicated project managers would swiftly assemble a team of linguists who are native speakers of the target language(s) and whose qualifications and subject-matter expertise best match your translation project. To ensure world-class quality and consistency, all translations are scrupulously reviewed and proofread by veteran in-country, native-speaking linguists, applying the most rigorous Quality Assurance process in the translation/localization industry.

You no longer need to compromise quality with large-volume projects and tight deadlines.

You have an exhibit coming up in less than a week and more than 250,000 words of different marketing material need to be translated?dbGroup got you covered
dbGroup stands out by heavily investing in top-notch technologies, terminology software, and customized Translation Memory (TM), which further guarantees consistency, cuts down on costs, and ensures the fastest turnarounds.


How Do You Say “Marketing Success” in Middle-Eastern Languages?

Based at the heart of the Middle East, Dubai, UAE, and with an office in Cairo, Egypt, we know the intricacies of the Middle-Eastern culture and adjust translations to perfectly match your target audience. Specializing in a wide range of Middle-Eastern languages such as Dari, Pashto, Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew, we have helped brands, global corporates, and SMEs penetrate the burgeoning Middle-Eastern market with ease and confidence.