About dbGroup

Translating Words …Opening Up Worlds

Throughout more than 23 years, the global market has rapidly evolved and is constantly becoming more demanding. We keep pace with the global market developments through extending our services to cater to all our clients’ language needs.



Our comprehensive set of language services cater
For all your translation & localization needs


Desktop Publishing

Capture your brand’s image and maintain absolute consistency across languages through our reliable DTP services

Beyond Layouts

To ensure maximum accuracy, we apply rigorous Post-DTP visual check making sure you have an exact mirror of your original layout in the target language


Multimedia Localization

dbGroup is a one-stop shop for all your multimedia localization needs including dubbing, voiceover, and video localization

What Is In For You?

Turn to our turnkey multimedia localization services to efficiently manage all your multimedia localization needs


Document Translation

Providing translation services for more than 20 years with offices based at the heart of the MENA region

Bringing Innovation to Translation

We have a wide network of experienced native-speaking linguists eager to take on any document translation project no matter how tight the time constraints can be


Marketing Translation

Whatever your industry, dbGroup is your reliable language service provider for all your marketing translation needs

Go Global with a Local Vision

Marketing translation is the trickiest. Confusing, awkward, unnatural, or, even worse, offending translations are the usual result of opting for an average-quality language service provider


Website Localization

At db group, all our linguists are in-country native speakers who have deep cultural understanding of your target audience

Innovative Technology Utilization

With more than 20 years of experience in the localization industry, at db group we have solved the website localization equation through an extensive analysis


Software Localization

Our technology-driven approach to software localization is underpinned by investing in cutting-edge terminology management software

Localize Your Software…Be Everywhere

Software localization involves much more than just translating words. It entails the collaborative efforts of linguists, localization engineers, DTP specialists


Large Volume and Little Time?
No Problem


We have been entrusted by the public and private sectors alike